How a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Works for Mental Health Treatment

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It is essential to understand the options you have whenever weekly outpatient therapy sessions do not suffice for the management of your mental health. You might have often heard about inpatient hospitalization, where you are spent overnight at a hospital for effective treatment of your mental health conditions.

However, staying overnight in a hospital proves expensive. Reportedly, it costs between $3500 and $8500. Hospitalization is a highly limited form of mental health care.

The healthcare companies are always on the lookout for alternatives. Partial hospitalization or PHP program for mental health is one such approach. It is the kind of program that is the ideal alternative to the inpatient program for the ones who require intensive care and treatment for mental health.

What’s a partial hospitalization program?

PHP, or partial hospitalization program, is a well-structured form of intensive outpatient treatment program for mental health. Every program is structured to address severe mental health problems. It includes numerous forms of healthcare providers who would offer the right treatment, including psychiatrists and therapists.

Your diagnosis will determine the kind of condition-based PHP program you need. For instance, you might decide on getting admitted for eating or trauma disorder, or even obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD, or a Mental health partial hospitalization program. Every treatment plan is customized to meet the requirements of people.

The PHP programs generally last about four to eight hours daily for about five days every week. You can travel to and from the treatment center daily. A couple of programs also come with telehealth options, allowing you to participate virtually. You might even spend weeks or a couple of months in this program, as it relies on your symptoms.

Who are partial hospitalization programs for?

Partial program mental health programs generally target those individuals with severe mental health conditions who call for a greater amount of care. It indicates that the symptoms are often not managed or improved enough compared to the weekly outpatient therapy sessions or meetings with a mental health practitioner.

In a couple of instances, the PHP program is often used as an alternative to inpatient hospitalizations. The PHP program for mental health in Cherry Hill, NJ, is often used as the option since you get released from the hospital or any other residential program. It would help you get back to your daily life with huge support.

The healthcare expert may often advise an individual for this program. You might get recommended for PHP, especially when you are dealing with:

  • You get a higher amount of care for the severe mental health conditions
  • You can gain better benefits from the PHP treatment.
  • Get intensive treatment with PHP that helps you get back to regular functioning and prevents you from relapsing

What are the requirements for patients in a partial hospitalization program?

Partial hospitalization programs in NJ are known for their voluntary treatment. But, you might have to commit to a few needs to get an admission. For instance, you are required to commit to attending the regular sessions timely about a couple of times every week. After you decide on the kind of PHP you should apply to, you have to connect to a program for admission. The PHP expert will ask a series of diagnosis questions to determine whether the program matches your specific condition.

On the basis of the answers you give, a PHP provider recommends you for the program whenever they understand that it is suited for you. The following are the different factors that help determine the right eligibility:

  • Having better commitment and time for attending the program
  • Not having any active suicidal thoughts
  • Call for more structured space supporting better safety
  • Residing in a stable environment
  • Taking part as a volunteer in the program

What conditions do PHPs treat?

There are varied forms of PHP programs that treat numerous conditions. The Mental health intensive outpatient program provider often recommends a specific program that meets a person’s needs.

The following are the conditions effectively treated through PHP:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Major depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Substance use disorders
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts

What happens during a PHP program?

PHP is an extensive and well-structured treatment program offering intense care to people who undergo serious mental health problems and issues with substance abuse. They offer a greater amount of structure and support that is highly intensive compared to the other conventional outpatient programs; however are less limited compared to full-time hospitalization. PHPs mainly involve a massive range of therapeutic interventions that include:

  • Group therapy: Engaging in these therapy sessions along with peers enables better support, knowledge, and exploring the general experiences.
  • Individual therapy: Working one-on-one with the therapist offers personalized attention and better guidance streamlined to meet your individual needs.
  • Medication management: The PHPs offer better help and monitor the people in need of medication being a part of their treatment programs.
  • Psychoeducation: Proper education across the mental health condition, self-care tactics, and coping methods can help maximize awareness and enhance skills.

What are the advantages of PHP?

PHPs offer numerous distinctive benefits to people in search of addiction or mental health treatment. Initially, PHPs offer top-notch care without the need for inpatient care. The Intensive outpatient program mental health serves as the intermediate step for people who do not call for round-the-clock supervision but still need intensive support.

PHPs can help foster long-term recovery by aiding people with the requisite skills for maintaining mental health and sobriety. Participation in educational, social, and vocational programs can help patients establish a better support system essential for the ongoing recovery process.

PHPs will offer a well-supportive and structured environment that makes things beneficial for people who suffer from addiction and substance abuse. The well-organized daily schedules can help patients in the management of situations that potentially lead to cravings or relapse while helping them into the development of critical skills to maintain a healthier and well-balanced lifestyle.

How does PHP differ from rehab?

The rehab program is generally a form of residential program. It indicates that you reside in a facility during the treatment time. PHP does not require you to live at any treatment center to receive better care.

Rehab is even made for the treatment of substance use disorder, or it can be your initial step on the road to recovery. The PHP program is effective in treating mental health or substance use disorder issues. The activities and the treatment approaches are almost identical to PHP. Reportedly, the average cost for a 3-month outpatient rehab program is estimated to be about $5000.

How does PHP differ from therapy?

Therapy is the term that generally indicates outpatient visits to any specific provider. In therapy, you meet with a therapist once or twice each week. Every session lasts around 50 minutes. You attend the treatment daily for a couple of hours in PHP, as it is more intensive.

PHP is even different due to the numerous forms of treatments you get all in the same place. The outpatient mental health services include a psychiatrist and a therapist. However, you might find them separately as they are always affiliated with different treatment centers.

Along with PHP, it is yet another kind of intensive outpatient treatment program. It is referred to as the intensive outpatient program as it lasts for around three to four hours daily for around three to five days every week. The other step after the inpatient, IOP, and PHP care is included in the outpatient care.

How much do PHPs cost?

One of the key factors of consideration while picking the right mental health treatment program depends on the cost. However, the cost of PHP varies on the basis of numerous factors including the location as well as the tenure of the treatment. It is typically on the expensive side compared to other outpatient therapies; however cheaper compared to inpatient hospitalization.

The cost of PHP therapy is often covered by insurance, but it depends on the individual’s policy and the distinctive program. It is essential to check with your insurance provider to determine what kind of mental health treatment is covered by the plan.

Although the cost of PHP is slightly higher than that of outpatient therapy, it is essential to consider the amount of support and care you get through this. Daily programming and better access to the team of mental health experts make PHP offer the most intensive care that has the potential to treat people in need of greater support compared to any other therapy.

Does my insurance cover PHP?

Whenever you choose the partial hospitalization program (PHP) as your mental health treatment option, it is essential to consider the coverage you can get from insurance. Several insurance policies cover PHPs, although it depends on the program you choose and the policy itself.

If you consider PHP programs, it is also essential to check with your insurance provider about the kind of mental treatment that is covered by the plan. A few of the plans call for pre-authorization before they cover the cost of PHP, although there are others with distinctive needs for the kind of treatment that gets covered.

The bottom line

PHP program for mental health plays a key role in treating various mental health disorders by offering affected beings well-structured and extensive care. Knowing about PHPs can help benefit them, and the benefits will help you make better judgments regarding your mental health endeavor.

If you or your loved one needs the partial hospitalization program, rely on Phoenix Behavioral Health. Our truly skilled, dedicated team of medical experts strives to offer you the best care. So connect with us today for more information.

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