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Acute Partial

Our Acute Partial Care (PHP) program provides comprehensive support for individuals with intensive and immediate symptoms. This program is built for individuals recently discharged from a hospital or detox center who are presenting with acute need. Our goal is to restore a sense of equilibrium and teach skills that empower our clients to live life outside of a clinical setting. 

Our expert team of licensed counselors are equipped to help with:

  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Mental health symptoms
  • Co-occuring conditions

Clients receive therapy five hours per day, five days per week with psycho-educational sessions and process groups. Over the course of the treatment (1-3 weeks) each client will get:

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Psychiatric assessment and follow ups
  • Medication monitoring
  • Comprehensive support from their personal case manager

Upon completion of the program, we make sure that every client has a suitable after-care plan so that they have the right tools to thrive and avoid relapse. 

Our Acute Partial Care and all of our programs use evidence based treatments that focus on recovery and trauma informed care.

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Comprehensive caring

Services We Offer

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assesment

Our multidisciplinary team helps you understand and determine your own recovery.

Case Management

We understand the importance of being supported in all dimensions of your life. Your counselor will work with you to get those supports in place.

Success Planning

Your success is our goal. We will be by your side as you get to where you want to go.

Psychiatric Care

Our psychiatric staff provides medication options and guidance so you can make educated decisions regarding your care.

Individual & Group Therapy

Our caring and experienced staff provide one-on-one counseling and a wide range of group support options.

Evidence Based Treatment

We work with what works. DBT, CBT, Positive Psychology, EMDR, and MAT are just a few of the tools our team use.

Expert & Compassionate Care

Services We Offer

Personal Counselors

Get a personal and dedicated case manager

Diagnostic Assessment

Our expert staff make sure each client gets started right

Discharge Planning

As important as treatment, individualized post-care plans are built for every client

Free Transportation

No stress travel to and from Phoenix treatment centers.

Individual & Group Therapy

Find partners in your recovery journey in our warm & welcoming community

Medication Management

We'll be there to help you stay on top of your health needs

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