Substance Use Disorder Partial Hospitalization Program (SUD PHP)

Substance Use Disorder Partial Hospitalization Program
(SUD PHP) at Phoenix Behavioral Health

Your Trusted Path to Sobriety in Camden and Mercer Counties: Comprehensive Treatment Accessible to All

With strategically positioned facilities in Cherry Hill (Camden County) and Ewing (Mercer County), Phoenix Behavioral Health stands as a pillar of transformative care in the arena of substance use disorders. Our Substance Use Disorder Partial Hospitalization Program (SUD PHP) embodies our commitment to assisting individuals in their journey to sobriety. Our program’s accessibility is further enhanced with our all-inclusive insurance policy, ensuring that residents of both counties can effortlessly access top-tier care.

Highlights of our SUD PHP in Cherry Hill and Ewing

In-Depth Assessments

Every journey to sobriety is unique. Our seasoned experts carry out comprehensive evaluations to develop individualized treatment plans that cater to each patient's distinct needs.

Expertise-Driven Therapeutic Sessions

Engage in a blend of group and individual sessions, steered by our renowned professionals, to build a community of support and encourage self-reflection.

Real-Life Skill Development Workshops

Beyond achieving sobriety, our program emphasizes holistic development. Participate in enriching workshops that focus on understanding triggers, emotional regulation, and effective relapse prevention.

Diverse Treatment Modalities

Our multifaceted approach, encompassing techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Motivational Interviewing, ensures a comprehensive recovery journey tailored for the diverse communities of Camden and Mercer Counties.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Our accredited medical team offers FDA-endorsed MAT options to enhance comfort and support throughout the recovery journey.

Continuous Transition Support

Our dedication extends beyond program completion. Benefit from our robust post-treatment support designed to promote sustained sobriety within Cherry Hill, Ewing, and the broader regions of Camden and Mercer Counties.

Affordable Care for Residents of Cherry Hill and Ewing

Our unwavering dedication to inclusivity ensures that everyone in Cherry Hill, Ewing, and the surrounding areas of Camden and Mercer Counties can avail of our world-class SUD PHP services without the worry of financial constraints. Proudly, we accept all insurances.

Commitment to Excellence in Cherry Hill and Ewing

Endorsed by the Joint Commission certification, our SUD PHP stands as a testament to the elevated standards of care we uphold, fostering trust and confidence among residents of both Camden and Mercer Counties.

Commence Your Recovery Journey in Camden and Mercer Counties Today

Navigating the path to sobriety requires courage, determination, and the right support. Let Phoenix Behavioral Health in Cherry Hill and Ewing be your trusted companions on this transformative journey. Together, we’ll shape a future of hope, health, and happiness.